Friday, October 02, 2020



To be an outstanding Laboratory among all MOI Laboratories through participation in the national and international accreditation programs.



To provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive diagnostic services in a timely manner using professionals staff, latest technologies according to the best quality standards that ensure patient safety.




  1. To provide a comprehensive spectrum of highest quality laboratory services.
  2. To apply the best standards within the laboratory quality system.
  3. Comply with the national standards and MOI regulation.
  4. To be recognized by accreditation agencies in the field such CBAHI, JCI and CAP.
  5. To support and create continuous medical education opportunities to develop and maintain technically competent laboratory professionals.
  6. To retain our real asset “manpower”
  7. To provide a safe work environment.
  8. Continuously improve quality and customer satisfaction while expanding the scope of service.