Saturday, October 31, 2020



We shall ensure an optimal utilization of the funds available to the Security Forces Hospital Program by maximizing the use of resources in efficient manner, with a primary goal of being recognized as a center of excellence that foster continuum quality care satisfying the needs of our clients.



Through optimal and effective teamwork, We-Budget Department are committed to provide, maintain, and control a comprehensive and consolidated operational budget for our organization coordinated with the approved funds available from the Ministry of Finance, and in accordance with the Hospital departments’ needs, in order to reach our goals and deliver the best healthcare services to our clients.



  1. Develop a comprehensive annual budget, which ensure optimal utilization for all departments use efficiently to reach maximum level of clients satisfaction.
  2. Monitor departments spending and control available funds according to previously constructed plans.
  3. Monitor the Hospital budget by submitting monthly comparative reports to the department heads regarding their operational expenses.
  4. Maximize the use of Hospital allocated resources in a cost effective and efficient manner to support the concept of improving quality of care with optimal utilization of funds.
  5. Develop a pre-budget scheme with the assistance of the department heads in order to request ample and appropriate funds for future fiscal years from the financial authorities in order to support the projects and expansions that the Hospital Administration is aspiring to achieve.