Saturday, October 31, 2020



To be a leading Health Care Human Resources Department those satisfy the Needs of our institute.



To provide a comprehensive high Quality, Timely and Efficient developing HR service to SFHM Employee and leaders utilizing up to date technology and networking strategy.



A.  Recruitment Objectives :

  1. Achieve at least 80% of Recruitment Rate by the end of 2014.
  2. Create Data Bank for all applicants in all specialties.
  3. Create black listing system.
  4. Create well designed Recruitment Web Site.
  5. Create effective recruitment, follow up and monitoring systems.
  6. Create recruitment networking with other agency and similar institute.
  7. Review and update all job description in all specialties.
  8. Coordinate effectively with other departments and staff.
  9. To achieve computerization in all processes in Department.
  10. To maintain the best utilization of resources.
  11. All applicants or candidates of SFH Makkah should be process through the Recruitment Office of the Human Resources Department


B.  Personnel Objectives:

  1. Create attraction – Retention Strategy.
  2. Prepare all required action to shift to fully automated system by End of 2014.
  3. Create full schedule with time for training in all HR Section.
  4. Finalize all related Policy and Procedure for HR Department.
  5. Create Employee hand manual.
  6. Establish full orientation program for all New Manager or Department Supervisor.
  7. Review and update all job description in all specialties.


C.   Planning Objectives:

  1. Create HR Plan Documentation
  2. Be ready with all related issues for Accreditation.
  3. Ensure Quick and Efficient process for Registration for all New Staff.
  4. Compliance Issues: The most basic of these have to do with wages and hours of work, classification of employee.
  5. Employee Files: An employee file contains for Employment form, start date, any insurance forms that the employee may have signed performance appraisals/date of appraisal, dates of promotions and all the changes in wages in salary.
  6. Benefits Administration: HRD has the responsibility of being the source for answering question about all forms and types of insurance, the differences in options, the cost to employees and orient new employees of benefits and the policies and procedure.
  7. Compensation System and Information Function.