Thursday, October 01, 2020



To collaborate with all other medical specialties, to deliver the best health care and to conduct all aspects of supports to critically ill patients to promote their well being and optimal and favorable outcome to them and their families.



To deliver the optimal critical care to patients on the basis of evidence based medicine.



The Intensive Care Unit will maintain the quality of patient care and achieve their goals by accomplishing the following objectives:

  1. Written policies and procedures those are standardized and are available to the staff as a reference
  2. Job descriptions are kept current. Staff performance is evaluated on an annual basis and mutual goals.
  3. Continuing education is provided through a collaborative effort between ICU provided by the staff and through needs identified.
  4. Recertification is kept updated as required.
  5. Recruit, orient, assign and maintain a highly qualified professional staff, competent to provide for the continuity of care.