Thursday, October 01, 2020



Our vision is to be in the front of the diagnostic imaging community in Saudi through our innovation and advanced in diagnostic imaging, and through excellence in teaching and mentoring. Thus, assisting physicians in providing expedient care for patients they serve.



To provide comprehensive quality imaging for our patients and referral partners in Makkah and neighboring areas. We will provide our services with the most innovative and advanced imaging techniques, and in the most cost effective manner.



  1. To provide cost effective, convenient, efficient, and appropriate care for patients in need of radiologic diagnosis, therapy or intervention.
  2. To provide pertinent education for patient and patient’s family members.
  3. To maintain and improve quality of care by performing quality control tasks, as well as, continually evaluating and improving upon key processes.
  4. To provide training and education to all personnel to achieve excellence.
  5. To exceed expectations of physicians and patients regarding quality of patient care, safety and diagnostic accuracy.
  6. To follow the ALARA standards, maintaining radiation levels As Low As Reasonably Achievable.
  7. To reduce access time (time of scheduling) according to international standards.
  8. To reduce waiting time at the department before examination according to international standards.
  9. Have fast interpretation time according to international standards.
  10. To provide wet and peer review read reports for all cases.
  11. To provide high quality imaging via cutting edge techniques.
  12. To have better patient’s outcome via reports that answers the clinical questions.