Wednesday, September 30, 2020



The Nutrition & Food Services Department wants to be a Model in its role, a provider of optimal quality of food service and a leader in promoting healthcare in line with the standard of CBAHI on accreditation for Hospitals.



*The Nutrition & Food Services Department is Organized to assure the provision of optimal care and quality food services to inpatients, sitters and other eligible beneficiaries of the ministry of interior at Security Forces Hospital Program.

* The Department affirms to establish a well-organized, well-staffed department with computerized service coordinating and integrating with other department in providing quality food service.

* Establishing, implementing and evaluating quality control mechanism to assure the quality and the appropriateness of the food service in the Hospital.

* In-service training of the working force is timely held to develop competent staff / supervisors and to provide ways for growth of every member of the department.

* It is our mission to provide almost care and quality food service in support for the success of the Security Forces Hospital Program.



  1. To provide high quality food service to patients, sitters and staff.
  2. To provide optimal nutritional care for all patients.