Friday, October 30, 2020



  • Achievement of the best quality of care, knowing the unique situation of children.
  • To comply with the international standard of care, the updated recommended policy procedures, and standard guidelines in preventing diseases and managing sick children, in pediatric friendly environment.
  • Emphasizing on education as a tool for the best standard of care, to the patient, family and community, achieving the requirement and approval of the Saudi board residency program.
  • Meeting with the standard of CBAHI and GCI.



To be the premier pediatric care provider for the security forces population in Makkah, in a pediatric friendly environment, to the best of the international standard of care which will concentrate on prevention strategy and management of sick children as a secondary and limited tertiary care service, which can be modified according to the community actual and expected need, keeping up with our Islamic and national culture, in a healthy teamwork atmosphere, and provide educational setting for families, clinical staff and the community.



  1. Establish a premier pediatric secondary and limited tertiary care for security forces population in Makkah.
  2. Achieving best international standard of care.
  3. Establish educational field.
  4. Establish pediatric friendly environment.