Thursday, October 01, 2020



The Pharmaceutical Care Department at SFHM is aiming to be distinguished for providing the best patient oriented pharmacy care of highest quality, professional leadership, and educational excellence. We will advance the accessibility, therapeutically effectiveness and safety of pharmacy services through the innovative use of Technology, professionally skilled staff and quality assurance.



The Department of Pharmacy, being an integral member of the healthcare team is committed to patient care through advancing pharmacy practice governs by evidence-based scientific standards, offered by proficient staff. Collaborated with knowledgeable healthcare professionals, responsible for the outcomes associated with safe medication use, contributing to optimal therapeutic effectiveness promoting wellness of the human being and improving their quality of life.



The pharmaceutical care department set a group of goals that govern the process and service provision:

  1. Availability of high quality and comprehensive pharmaceutical care that include proper medication and its information for the patients, their families, Medical team and the Clinical pharmacy.
  1. Utilization & development of new concepts for pharmaceutical care such as unit dose system, IV admixture, Total parenteral nutrition….. etc.
  1. Applying & development of appropriate patient education to ensure sound use of medication with clear vision about the adverse drug reaction and their proper management.
  1. Availability of the required information about the drug utilization for the members of the medical team.Participation in patient care plan, study programs & research in addition to training programs for the  undergraduates and other health specialties.