Saturday, October 31, 2020



Maintaining SFHM integrity to the MOI employees and its dependents and to the public by using all available media sources and services.



The Public Relations & Media Affairs Office is dedicated in helping the Security Forces Hospital Program – Makkah to be recognized as center of excellence by actively promoting the brand name within the Kingdom, the GCC region & internationally.



  1. Staffing needs for the department to function very well.
  2. To start creating Public Relations & Media Affairs Office Policies & Procedures.
  3. To establish the Public Relations & Media Affairs Office.
  4. Assist in the allocation of budget for the department’s events and activities.
  5. The establishment of an integrated media center.
  6. Providing patient and hospital information through any media with the approval of SFHM- Manager.
  7. Arranging all media activities relating to public announcement.
  8. Verifying SFHM press release according to existing policies and procedures of the institution.
  9. Coordinating and monitoring related SFHM activities in and outside the Hospital.
  10. Media personnel will be responsible for maintaining the good image and integrity of SFHM in coordination with the concerned department.
  11. To promote and maintain contacts with the general public, organizations and other clientele.
  12. To actively engage with the public and host visitors to SFHM to showcase the facilities that are available.
  13. Develop and maintain strong community relations.
  14. Participate in international and national conferences/exhibitions.
  15. Increase awareness within the community through outreach programs.
  16. Develop appropriate audio/visual and/or short film of SFHM to showcase to the public and its clients.
  17. Determining the appropriate focus for Public Relations & Media Affairs Office.
  18. Planning a Public Relations & Media Affairs programs in response to identified needs of SFHM employees, patients, families and clients.
  19. Implementing planned programs.
  20. Evaluating Public Relations & Media Affairs programs.
  21. Acting as a resource for Health and Information for the hospital.
  22. Providing news and articles for magazines and newspaper.
  23. Supervising and implementing the infrastructure and design of electronic media.