Saturday, October 31, 2020



Towards a worldwide role model healthcare Quality and patient safety system.



To build a patient centered system that maximizes value to every customer and process in SFHPM using best resources utilization, smart tools and culture dissemination.

Major domains patient centered, customer focused, data driven and continually improved.



  1. Development of Documentation management system
  2. Develop and implement 'Patient Safety Program'
  3. Develop and share in 'Patient Response Team'
  4. Develop and implement Performance Measurement
  5. Develop and implement Risk Management system
  6. Performance Improvement using KAIZEN methdology
  7. Perform On-site surveys to identify Opportunities for Improvement
  8. Raise awareness For quality Concepts and techniques ‘Internal and external training’
  9. Preparation for Hospital CBAHI accreditation
  10. Improve Hospital wide communication
  11. Develop Clinical Pathway System