Saturday, October 31, 2020



To be a model of secure and safe health care institute.



To achieve patient, staff and visitor security at all-time utilizing the best available resources and technology with continuous professional development.





  • Achieve employees and clients satisfaction about security services.
  • Development of patient and staff satisfaction system.
  • Obtain frequent satisfaction survey
  • Establish position and point needed to secure the hospital environment according to work flow and time.
  • Establish electronic hospital monitoring system.
  • Execute fall plan to found out sourcing security service.
  • Establish electronic accessibility system to all restricted area.
  • Establish and coordinate related code system.
  • Strong
  • Abduction code
  • Establish well designed and up to date identification card system.
  • Staff
  • Visitors
  • Design up to standard of security client and staff flow system within the hospital.
  • Design up to standard of security vehicle and parking flow system outside the hospital.
  • To develop a system for safe keeping of client belonging.
  • Create help disk to facilitate all security related issues.